Pieces of my Puzzle

These are the other pieces of my puzzle.  You’ll see these faces from time to time.

2014-09-27 18.41.38
My husband, Michael

Well, he’s a pretty cool guy, and the ultimate comedic relief in my life. We’ve been together since the summer after I graduated high school, which is a long time. If anyone is meant to do anything in life, Michael is meant to play music. I am surrounded by many talented musicians, and I’m so thankful to say he is one of them. I’d love to say we’re in this Paleo thing together, however that’s still a challenge I face! But, since he knows very well how hard-headed I am, it won’t be too much longer until he’s fully converted. Believe it. He loves me, supports me, and inspires me. This is a fun journey.

My son, Auron

First off, his name is pronounced Oren.  We just had to be weirdos and give him a name that no one else around us had, and that everyone would mispronounce.  He’s almost as tall as me and we already wear the same sized shoe (I’m 5’6″ and wear an 8.5)!  He loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen, and I’m so grateful that he is usually willing to try most of the foods I make.   He’s 10 years old and is my absolute joy.  I cherish our moments together.


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