past tense: rendered; past participle: rendered

    1. provide or give (a service, help, etc.)
      “info coming soon about services rendered!”
    2. cause to be or become; make.
      “This recipe rendered me speechless!”
    3. represent or depict artistically.
      “hand-rendered sketches of the recipe process”
    4. process (the carcass of an animal) in order to extract proteins, fats, and other usable parts.
      rendered animal fats from pasture-raised animals are delicious, rich in nutrients, and promote healing”
      “tallow (the fat rendered from beef or lamb)”
      “lard (the rendered fat from pigs)”
      “poultry fat (rendered from ducks and geese)”

2 thoughts on “Defining RENDERED

  1. I’m glad your well, its awful to go through what you did. There is no such thing as evolving to eat grains either, we tolerate them – who knows how it affects their organs just because they didn’t get what you did. I count myself lucky that i am allergic to wheat – my body is telling me something others are not and my life is a healthier one. Nice about page 🙂

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