Dairy-Free Snow Ice Cream

It snowed this morning in Dallas.  I mean, it wasn’t the beautiful and amazing snowfall that we’ve had in years past, but those unique little flakes certainly fell from the sky and put a giant smile across my son’s face.  That smile is what I live for.


My son says he feels very connected to the snow; he says it makes him feel at peace.  He’s actually spent quite a bit of time outside this week, just playing in the ice and snow.  I noticed as he gets older, he’s struggling with anxiety a bit.  He comes by it honestly, as I have my own issues with it.  (I actually had a full anxiety attack in bed the other night.  That shit sucks.)  My mantra over these past couple of weeks has been to simplify so that I can be more productive, less overwhelmed, and at ease with life in general.  I’m trying to help him do the same.  We both have very creative minds, bursting with ideas and daydreams, and we’re working together to learn how to focus all of that energy.

Yesterday we were iced in, as we were the day before.  I decided that an art project would be therapeutic for the both of us, so we sat on the floor and painted together.  As we listened to music and worked on our pieces, a lovely conversation developed about trusting the process, understanding that each decision you make has an effect on the overall picture, and realizing that only certain things are in our control.  It took him quite some time to just let it all go and quit trying to do everything “perfectly.” He began to question where this idea of perfection comes anyway.  As parents, we like to think that we have the most influence on our children, but that isn’t true.  He has been greatly impacted by many people in his ten (almost eleven) years, positively AND negatively.

Controlling the chaos and trusting the process
Completed paintings. Auron’s painting is bottom-right.

We spent a little time outside together earlier and I told him we could make Snow Ice Cream.  Of course, he was intrigued.  Living in Texas, this is a rare treat.  So, we came inside and made a simple and tasty dairy-free, paleo, and aip-friendly vanilla treat!  Next time you’ve got the opportunity, make this fun treat to enjoy with your little ones, or just yourself – I’m currently having some in my coffee :).

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Dairy-Free Snow Ice Cream

4 cups clean snow (avoid the yellow or brown…….)
1/4 cup local honey, or more to taste
1/2 – 3/4 cup additive-free canned coconut milk (My favorite is Golden Star, that I find at my local Wal-Mart for lest than $2/can!)
1 Tablespoon pure vanilla

Carefully retrieve snow from the cleanest possible area and place in a bowl.  Add remaining ingredients and stir until smooth.

You can get creative and add additional flavorings and toppings!  What is your favorite way to enjoy an icy treat?

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