Changing My Name and Shifting My Perspective

I had this conversation recently.  I’m blue (da ba dee…).T Conversation1 9-17-2014 T Conversation2 9-17-2014 T Conversation3 9-17-2014

So why the name change?  I started Full Gut Renovation as a food blog, but really had no major direction for it.  I knew I wanted to write and share Paleo recipes, maybe become a private chef or do something food related.  Still, I didn’t want to completely abandon the success and training I have as a Kitchen & Bath Designer, so I tried to combine the two worlds somehow.   Something wasn’t working, and I was losing the motivation to make it work.  I didn’t know how to effectively mix everything I wanted to do artistically into something worthwhile.  I basically dismissed this blog and concept as a moneyless hobby to which I couldn’t/shouldn’t devote too much time, and let weeks (ahem, months… my last post was in MAY) pass where I didn’t even touch it.  (Also, while renovating my gut health is a major focus of mine, the word “gut” doesn’t really sound appetizing no matter how much I try to justify it.  Does it? Say it aloud: “Gut.  GUT.”  No, it isn’t an appetizing word.  You can stop saying it now.)

What qualifies me as a professional?  What qualifies anyone as a professional?  Professional training?  Compensation? Simply calling yourself that?

I have a Bachelor of Human Sciences in Interior Design.  I worked full time as a professional Kitchen & Bath Designer for about six years, and was very successful.  You can view my design portfolio here.  Design is, and will always be, part of who I am.  I’m conditioned to approach everything as a project, and I’m well-trained to see a project from concept to completion.  When I have an idea, researching, writing an outline/scope, making sketches, rendering – all those things are second nature to me.  I finally realized that I approach food and cooking the same way.  I can approach this blog, this concept, and whatever may come of it, the same way.

That’s how the name RENDERED by Abbey came to be, and how it will continue to evolve, and how I will continue to evolve as a professional.


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